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About Us - Christian Online Ministry

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Diversity of Human FacesChristian Life Journey (CLJ) is a Christian Online Community where Christian thoughts and life information are shared with visitors in healthy and constructive ways.  We are in the process of developing this website to the point where this site will be full of topics and subjects that are interesting, informative, and beneficial to all who visit and are willing to share with and learn from others.

You can also sign up as a member to read and share more with others in and through those articles that are and will be available to registered visitors.

See the faces on the photo.  The facial expressions are all different.  They are all different in appearance.  All people are different.  All people have different needs.  All people see things differently.  All people reason differently.  All people speak differently.  All people respond differently.  All people are different in mind and as a result, their actions are all different.  All people are diverse in their lifestyles.  Nonetheless, all people have basic common needs: spiritual, emotional, and physical health.  Do you think that diversity is a challenge to you?  Diversity could be a challenge to you.  However, think about our body.  There are many parts but they are all in one body.  The whole body remains healthy as each part does its work.  The whole body, "joined and knit together by every ligament with which it is equipped," grows to build up "as each part is functioning properly" (Ephesians 4:16 ).

What if the whole body has only hands or feet?  Diversity is a blessing as it is mutually understood and utilized in healthy ways?  CLJ would like to share the blessing of diversity that was given to people, through which we can learn from one another.  CLJ promotes an online ministry for which tools are developed and a place is provided in order for visitors to share their thoughts, experiences and stories.  Come and join us.  May God's grace be with you.


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