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Life and Skills

Lessons from Mistakes in Life

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Life Journey with Life SkillsLife is short and full of lessons that we can learn to grow.  Life seems simple when everything goes well, but we find it so complicated as things are not unfolded in the way we hope.  At times, life seems something beyond the top of our head. Regardless of short or long, simple or complicated, beyond or within, life is not something that we can gain or achieve with our effort.  Rather, life is a gift given to each of us.  When our life starts, we stand at the start line and begin to race at one's own pace and in one's own way for a life-time marathon.  As we continue that race, the outcome turns out to be different in each of us depending on how we see life and utilize the resources that were given to us.

We all make mistakes and often find ourselves in need of information, help, and support.  We learn from our own mistakes and from the lessons that have taught others from their own mistakes.  This is where sharing life experiences demonstrates its power.  This is where the power of information comes in to help us.  This is where life gives us opportunities to improve and grow in the capacity of our services for others.

Life SkillsTo help one another through CLJ, you are invited to share your own life experiences with others and to learn from others' experiences too.  CLJ will seek for more opportunities to be useful and effective in learning life skills and promoting our mutual help and support as we walk with Jesus Christ.

God is good.  May God's grace lead your life each day.


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