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Double Check with Your Online Activity

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Online Activity - Online BankingI wanted to share with you an experience that happened so you might avoid the same situation. A couple of months ago, I checked the cost of a plane ticket on The cost was too high so I tried the name your own price feature. When doing that, you have to give them your credit card information before they will look for the deal. They rejected my deal so I left the site. A few minutes later I get an email saying congrats on the purchase of a flight. I went back and logged in and they had sold me a flight to and from a destination that I had never even looked at! I called within 5 minutes and they refused to refund the money. I went around and around with them but no luck. I quickly ran to the bank and met with a banker an explained what had happened. He called the headquarters who told him to allow the charge to go through and then they would seek fraud charges against priceline. Oh yea! Instead of stopping the charge they waited for seven days and then sided with So needless to say, that account went $1200 into the red! That was with US BANK.

Yesterday, I opened new accounts at another bank but they showed me a way to avoid having charges taken. They opened checking and savings accounts in the traditional way but they have a new feature that actually attaches an sub account onto them that requires no balance be kept in it. It has it's own numbers and own debit card. So when you want to make a purchase you can go online and transfer instantly the amount you are spending to the side account and that is the number you give to places like or non monthly recurring purchases. If they try to deduct again it gets denied because the account is empty. This is a really cool feature. I would suggest that you share this with your treasurer and consider it for your personal accounts as well.

I hope I have saved someone the frustration of helplessness when dealing with the electronic banking world. Once they get your account they can get what they want and there is no one to help you, the consumer. At least no one who really will!

Blessings to all



About the contributor:
The above article is a direct quote (dated back to Oct. 20, 2011) from Mark Taylor with his permission to share his experience with others.  He is serving as a Christian minister focusing on Church Planting in the north central area of North America.


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